December 19, 2006

Polly almost gets a clue

I haven't 'done' Polly in a while. Quite frankly it gets boring, she is wrong. You almost know she is going to be wrong before reading what she has written. Most people will already know that she is wrong without me having to write anything.

In this latest peice she appears to have got back on her old nationalist socialist hobby horse about how all the nasty foreigners are taking jobs from the poor benighted natives. Bilge. Immigrants from eastern europe are coming here because there are oppertunities to work, oppertunities that the poor benighted natives have already rejected. It makes us, the people that their hard work aids, happy to get this valuable work done. It makes them happy to get our cash. It matters not a jot to the feckless since they had already decided that they didn't want the work anyway as it was not in their interest to work thanks to the Welfare State.

This final point she actually skirts around.
The social contract says work is the best welfare, but for some it isn't. One reason why is housing benefit - the glitch in the system. Beveridge never solved it, Labour promised a review but abandoned it; yet losing housing benefit on taking a job is a great disincentive to work.
It is as if she knows it at heart, but cannot bring herself to acknowlege it. And then goes back to blaming everything on those nasty Polish people.

Yes Polly losing benefits are a great disincentive to work. If when you do £100 more work and yet only see £8.52; because of the benefits system then quite clearly there is no point in doing all that extra work. The workshy are not vegetating in front of their huge plasma TV's because of all the nasty Poles but because the Welfare State pays them to live that way.


Blogger MatGB said...

BTW, I've figured out the anti-Polly thing.

Assume political compass of left/right up/down is correct. You're Lib/Right, I'm Lib/Left. Polly is State/Left, and for example Thatcher & Pinochet were State/Right (on social/personal stuff anyway).

I can't stand Thatcher because she's completely opposed to most of my opinions, same as i can't stand Cornerstone faith/flag/family types now. But I can make alliances on some issues with the Lib/Right (like you, DK and TW) and at other times I (sorta) agree with Polly.

She's completely opposed to you, you have no worldview in common at all. Sometimes, I share an opinion with her, but mostly the miss-informed statism pisses me off.

Make sense?

8:39 pm  
Blogger chris said...

I guess that makes sense.

I have more time for Thatcher (but not so for Pinochet, he might have not screwed up Chile but he was still a murdering bastard) because she did what I think is some good stuff, such as de-nationalisation, even if Section 28 came in under her watch. I don't have much time for Cornerstone, but that is probably because I just don't get passed the faith bit ;-)

10:09 pm  

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